July 14, 2014


I try really, reeaallyy hard not to judge people. But let's be honest and realistic: we all do it.

If you are a dumbass and do (or say) something dumb, I will silently or loudly (depending on the situation) voice my opinion. My usual response to dumbasses is an eye roll and the look, quietly ending my judgement. Sometimes I speak up, informing the dumbass that they are in fact, a dumbass. Usually, they are shocked to hear this and an argument ensues; which only solidifies my point.

When the internet became outraged over the ex-RHONY chick dressed in her daughters pjs, I tried my hardest to ignore the firestorm. Who am I to judge what another woman is wearing?

And then I saw her twitter feed regarding the whole PJ-Gate.

I am (loudly) judging now.

(PS: I am not linking to her twitter feed. If you want to read her exact tweets, log onto twitter and look up her timeline.)

Just because you were "playing dress up with your daughter," doesn't mean you must pose in the pjs while someone else takes your picture. And just because someone took your picture in the Hello Kitty ensemble, doesn't mean you need to post it onto Instagram (and are "SHOCKED" when criticized for doing so.)

Whether you innocently posted the picture on Instagram or not, you come off as conceited and in all honesty, look ridiculous. (Seriously, are your arms on your hips because the shirt fits tight around the underarm region and you can't lower them? I know that feeling. I have a shirt that is uncomfortable around my underarms too. Gosh I hate that shirt...)

Are you trying to reclaim your fifteen minutes of fame after hearing the timer beep? Or are you a great mom who was playing with her kid and made a dumbass move and posted the picture? I mean, seriously, did you think no backlash would come from it?

I play with my daughter all the time too. We play dress up. She does my hair and makeup. I look ridiculous. Sometimes, pictures are taken to look back upon years from now. But do I post them on the internet for all the world to scrutinize? No, because I am not a dumbass.

It pains me to call out another woman. It really does. So much shit is being thrown our way on a daily basis that I find it hard to judge another woman for any decision she may make. But come on. You knew the picture wasn't going to go unnoticed. You knew a firestorm would brew (and then grow) over the choice you made.

Having fun with your daughter is one thing. Being a complete bitch online, acting like the entire world is ganging up on you for playing with your kid, is dumb.

Innocent or not, you seem to be in need of attention. You are 43. Not 4. Not 3. If wearing Hello Kitty clothes and broadcasting it to the world is your style, fine. Let Walmart help you out. They sell adult size shirts with the cute cat face and glitter galore. Post yourself wearing that. You may get some Hello Kitty haters trolling your Instagram account and you wouldn't have the entire internet calling you a dumbass.

I will not get into the body image issues your picture has sparked. I will not get into the effect the picture could one day have on your daughter. By now, I am sure you've read those opinions.

I get that you are skinny. (Guess what? I am too. And so are many other women around the world. Yet a majority of us don't feel the need to broadcast it in such a strange and completely awkward way.) Being skinny does not give you a right to be a conceited dumbass nor a victim of your own doing. Kudos to you for eating healthy and exercising. I know it takes a lot of hard work and discipline. But flaunting it (I use that word with a grain of salt) in the way in which you did...dumb.

Listen chica...you made a poor decision but don't blame the rest of us for calling out your dumbassery. Playing dress up with your kid is one thing. Posting the ridiculous looking picture is another. You are not the victim here. Posting the picture on Instagram was your move, not ours. You may be wearing kid pajamas, but you are still an adult. Own up to your need for the spotlight and deal with the backlash like a grown woman.

Maybe it's time you listened to the beeping alarm and stop grasping for the spotlight. No more awkward pictures. No more victimized twitter updates.

The dumbass ball is in your court. (If you want a Hello Kitty ball to play with, I am sure Walmart sells those too.)

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